slavoljubSlavoljub Uzunović

Slavoljub Uzunović, PHD, was born in Skopje on 23rd October 1971. He lives and works in Niš. He finished primary and secondary school in Preševo where he won Vuk diploma. In 1990, he enrolled at the Faculty of Philosophy, Study Group for physical education and graduated in 1998 with grade point average. He enrolled in post-graduate studies, Sports department in 1998.

He completed the master’s degree thesis in 2004, titled: “The Influence Of Anthropometry Abilities On The Success In Sport Dance” and was awarded Master’s Degree for Physical Education Sciences.

In 1999, he was elected associate and promoted to assistant apprentice for the Dance subject, and in 2009, he was elected again. He holds the same title today.

He completed the doctor’s dissertation in 2009, titled: “The Effects Of The Experimental Program Of Modern Sport Dance On Motor Coordination, Strength And Speed Changes”, and was awarded the Ph.D. Degree.

He has been an “ORO” ensemble dancer and instructor in SKC-Niš. He started dancing in 1996 as an instructor in “Arabeska” dance club from Niš. From 2000, he has been a coach in the SPIN dance club from Negotin, with the seat in Belgrade. At the moment, he is engaged as a conditioning coach and specialized associate for several sport dance clubs within Serbia. He is a chairman of the “Niš-Dance” club from Niš. He is also an artistic director of the Serbian Children and Social Dance Association. From the 1st October 2007 until 1st October 2008, he was an artistic director of “Teodora” Cultural Artistic Society from Niš.

During his professional career on the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in Niš, he was a member of several committees for the completion of final assignements for the sport dance coaches, at the Centre for Sport and Recreation Training.

He is one of the authors of the “Dance, Sing, Create with Dance” program, published in the Catalogue of the vocational training program of education employees.

predragPredrag Stojković
Graduated sport dance coach

On 7th July 2008, he graduated sport dance from the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in Niš, thus becoming the first graduated coach of sport dance in Serbia.

He trains attendees of Latinoamerican and standard dances in all  categories at the SPIN dance club.

He is the author of the “Dance, Sing, Create with Dance” program which was accredited in 2007 by the State Institute of Education.

He started his dance career in 1984.

As a contestant, he won many champion and runner-up titles at Serbian and international tournaments. One of the most valuable is a double champion title of the Serbian senior championship in Latinoamerican and standard dances in 1996. In 1990 he founded the SPIN dance club with a group of enthusiasts.

In addition to coaching career, he was elected the Chairman of the Yugoslav Dance Association in 1997. He had a lot of success in his coaching career and his more than ten Serbian champion titles in Latino and standard dance with his pairs are particularly significant.

He also won the world champion title with his junior pair in Latino show dance category, in Austria in 2006, and twice he won the third place on the world championship with his senior pair in Austria in 2007 and 2008.

vladaVladimir Subotički
Sport Dance Operational Coach

He was born on 3rd May 1976. in Belgrade. He has been dancing as a contestant from 1992 in SPIN dance club from Belgrade, where he finished his dance “A” category career.  By 2004, he won a multitude of medals on Serbian and international qualification tournaments, as well as two bronze medals on the Serbian championship in the category of ten dances and in the standard dances category. He also won gold medals on the Serbian championship in SHOW Latino dances in 2002. Among internationally won medals, the most valuable are a silver medal on the Open international tournament in Slovakia for Latin-American dance and also a silver medal on the Open ISDF tournament in Macedonia in 2003. He was also a member of the Serbia and Montenegro national team and later a member of the Serbian national team with his partner Gordana Mišković.

During his competition career, he was also dedicated to coaching. From 1996, he started working with children in pioneer category in the SPIN dance club. Having finished his dancing career, he has worked in the club as a coach and a sport director.

In 2006, he finished schooling to become a sport dance instructor-coach with the Serbian Association of Dance Emcees and Coaches. In 2012, he was elected vice-chairman of the SPIN dance club and started studying at the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in Niš.

In 2015, he passed the judges exam and was awarded the “C” local judges licence. From that time he has been appointed a regular judge on all qualification dance tournaments.

In 2016, he graduated applied studies from the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in Niš and was awarded the title of Sport dance operational coach.



Beside studying literature and journalism he studied at the Pre-school Teachers College in Belgrade. In 1976 and 1977 he spent some time in Jango Edwards’ Clown studio in the Netherlands. In 1987, he founded a travelling theatre “Kofer Teatar” which made its performances in the countries of former Yugoslavia as well as in the largest cities of Europe.

In 1990, he emceed children shows on STUDIO B television. He is the author of “Teenage TV” concept which hosted many teenagers who are nowadays well known journalists.

Today, he is a freelance artist with own theatre, video and TV production named “KIDS ALTERNIRIVE”.

He is one of the authors who wrote texts for the “Dance, Sing, Create with Dance” – children dance show program.