The Children & Social Dance Association was founded in 2013 to develop and popularize children and social dance in Belgrade and Serbia.

Children dance in Serbia was initiated by the SPIN dance club in 1991. The Children Dance Association has been promoting the work and further training of the children dance program since 2003. Today the work and further training have been taken care by the Children & Social Dance Association.

A specialized committee is in charge of the quality of the children dance program and consists of the following persons:

  • Slavoljub Uzunović, PHD
  • Predrag Stojković, Teacher of Physical Education and Sport
  • Vladimir Subotički, Sport Dance Operational Coach

The Managing board is the head of the Children Dance Association:

  • Zlatko Stojković – Chairman
  • Predrag Stojković – Vice-chairman
  • Vladimir Subotički – Member

Having a successful cooperation with the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in Niš, every year we receive from them new information which we use to innovate the dance program. Mr Slavoljub Uzunović wrote two scientific papers on the influence of children dance on boys and girls motor abilities at pre-school age.

We are proud of the fact that we organized over 100 children dance festivals with the kids from pre-school institutions and elementary schools from Belgrade and Serbia, and that we are the leaders of the children dance category in the region and Europe.